CLIENT: Media Investment Projects LLC

PROJECT: The Summit News App

ROLE: UX Architect & Product Design Lead

The Summit news responsive website is a collaborative newsroom of reporters, subject editors and data journalists who work together to show how the areas they cover are interconnected. They create the most complete stories by challenging themselves to look through multiple lenses. The topics covered include science, economics, misinformation, the law, politics, technology, identity and global. Website renamed and rebranded to “Grid”. Visit

UX Documentation

Additional UX documentation available upon request.


Global & Topic Navigation, Company Information & User Information

Article Details

Scrolled Navigation & Article Audio Player

Topics Landing Page

Podcast Landing Page

Podcast Detail Page & Audio Player

Video Landing Page

Video Detail Page & Video Player

Events Landing Page

Events Details Page

Reporter Profile Landing Page

User Profile – My Interests

User Profile – Saved Articles

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