Client: Shift4
Project: Restaurant POS & CRM App
Platforms: Android native app
Role: Lead Product Designer

The Customer Facing Display application is a tablet display designed to keep restaurant lines moving and improve order accuracy. It provides itemized order information to your customers without interrupting the payment flow. Customers can view their order, tax, discounts, and loyalty information during the checkout process. Flexible payment options allow customers to pay and add a tip, including contactless credit cards and digital wallets like Apple and Google Pay.

UX Documentation

Additional UX documentation available upon request.

Home Screen – Branded

Home Screen – Branding Tool Marketing Examples

Customer Order Screen & Branding Tool Marketing Example

Customer Order Screen & Loyalty Rewards Sign In

Customer Order Screen & Loyalty Rewards Sign Up

Customer Order Screen & Loyalty Rewards Options

Customer Order Screen & Loyalty Rewards Customer Confirmation

Add Tip & Signature Screen

Custom Tip Screen

Payment Type Confirmation

Payment Completed Confirmation

Thank You & Ratings Screen

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