Identifying a user’s intent and providing an appropriate, usable system is an essential part of visual design and user experience process. While the design process is similar the solution is never the same.

My design process approach is both collaborative and iterative. Beginning with research to determine user intent and the product’s distinct positioning in the market. After conducting baseline evaluations and presenting findings, my ideal process includes working with Visual Designers, User Experience Designers, Developers, clients and users to validate the solution in progress from whiteboard to development. Throughout the project lifecycle I iterate to improve the concept by involving stakeholders to gain feedback and streamline the solution for final delivery.


Key abilities I can offer through a project’s lifecycle:

1) Discovery & Scoping


  • Assisting in discovery client workshop
  • Understand client business, background & goals
  • Information gathering
  • User analysis
  • Effort estimates


2) Strategy & Research


  • Competitive analysis
  • Identify pain points, needs & motivations
  • Assist in Stakeholder Interviews
  • In conjunction with the UX team, develop user personas


3) Visual Design


  • Lead ideation with UI & UX teams
  • Sketching concepts
  • Defining a visual language
  • Produce style tiles
  • Design comps & layouts


4) User Experience & Interaction Design


  • In conjunction with the UX team, perform heuristic evaluation
  • Storyboarding & user journeys
  • Site maps
  • Prototyping
  • Collaborate & review with User Experience Designers


5) Development


  • Provide design style guide
  • Produce UI pattern library
  • Provide UI documentation for development
  • UI & UX quality assurance
  • Collaborate & review with Developers


6) Launch & Post Launch


  • Store launch preparation
  • UI & UX quality assurance
  • User feedback